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Anonymous asked: What does one have to do to get nudes bc wow ur pretty

pay my college tuition and you get unlimited nudes, webcam chats, and even visits

Anonymous asked: Its gonna be a lawful shooting no matter how many times the niggers call it unlawful

fuck outta here ya ignorant ass hoe

Anonymous asked: please don't reblog pics of mike browns body there are more posts that go over it. and his parents even said they want those pictures removed

why are you anonymous i’ll remove them when you’re off anon and send me links that his parents said that

Anonymous asked: Wait what?! Your birthday is on Thanksgiving. You'd definitely be giving a lot if you posted one on your bday. Damn : ]

aw fuck really when my birthday is on thanksgiving my mama pulls that “this turkey is yo present” 

mark ya calendars oxox 

Anonymous asked: Excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. I wasn't aware, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind.

return on november 27

Anonymous asked: May your followers see a NSFW selfie from you by any chance?

are you guys not aware that i’m 17 years old????? srsly this is child pornography at least ask when i’m legal

Anonymous asked: You are drop dead gorgeous please post more pictures of yourself. It adds beauty to your blog <3

This made my night, I needed this sfjhdfasjfhkajh <3333333333  

Anonymous asked: me if u like but we're not in mutual??

I honestly don’t mind, I love making friends. 

Anonymous asked: isn't Ganesh the remover of obstacles?

Possibly, but I’m not entirely sure. I just captioned the painting by what the artist named it.

Anonymous asked: Hey cutie :) how do you feel about a guy submitting a couple nudes?

please don’t, i’m underaged